Customized Software Development
INDUS INNOVATIONS is the Software Development Division of TIBT which is in the field of Customized Software and Ready to Use Solutions for Specific Business. Indus Innovation has got a team of experienced & qualified Software Engineers who have proved their mantle more than once by delivering solutions that are class apart. INDUS INNOVATIONS has been developing software that can actually replace the conventional system by the virtue of its ease of operation & flexibility to accommodate any possible situation while enhancing the efficiency of the process by large. We also make serious efforts to keep the software very customized as per the requirement of the Client. INDUS INNOVATIONS has a proven track record of Client Satisfaction and after Sales Services.
  • Customized Software Development:

We honour the fact that your organization has individuality and some working ehics and thus not any software can replace your existint system. We offer to develop a software solution to cater your needs at surprisingly affordable rates.
  • Data Conversion:

As INDUS INNOVATIONS provides comprehensive Software Solution, thus we also take turnkey project of converting Paper Records (Historical Data) in Soft Format. We have good team of Data Entry Operators for this job.
Indus e Art is a creative Web Division of TIBT dedicated for the Web Technologies & Solutions. This division is extending its services in fields like Web Hosting, Website Designing, e mail server Installation, Online Payment Gateways etc. TIBT has a separate division for all the above mentioned services as the clients as well as the market, in general, is looking for these services in more customized and more comprehensive manner. Few years back, Website used to be a GEN NEXT talk but today, business are evolving with help of these services. Every entrepreneur and businessman is trying to use the up coming technological trends like web site, e commerce, to increase its market reach and even to
reach unexplored markets. Few who think that Indian Market is still not ready for all this technologies would repent their own words, when they would be left behind in this age of throat cutting competition. Indus e Art, as the name suggest, is the creative wing of the TIBT, is also keeping good pace with up coming technologies and has the latest to offer the market.

Website Designing
Website Designing : Indus e Art has highly qualified and creative team of designers to design sites for its client. At Indus e Art, the hallmark remains "Customer Satiafaction" by creating a site which not only fulfill the specified requirement of the client but also helps the Organization reflect its ideology to its client through its website.
Web Hosting
Web Hosting : TIBT has got its dedicated Web server at Data Center in US where it places the website and which is remotely managed by us from our Development Center. Thus, we don't need to depend on any third party and it also makes us most economical for providing you the Domain Name and Web space.
Web Portal and E-commerce Site
Web Portal and E-commerce Site : If you are planning to open an Online Shopping Site or any similar venture then you can't afford to take any wrong step which ultimately result in the failure of your Portal. Any site planning for any sort of Online Transaction need to make sure that it has all prerequisite and in the required manner.
Brand Promotion Through Internet
Brand Promotion Through Internet: We extend our services to promote your services/product available at your Website though different Search Engines. This is highly effective tool to boost your product/services as these search engine are exceedingly used to search for different product/services by users.
E-mail Server Installation
E-mail Server Installation: This is our latest offering for the organization with large manpower to provide a dedicated e mail server with Large (Desired) Mail Boxes and unforeseen mail management options.

Today, technology is moving a very high pace and it is equally very important for Organizations to use the latest available technologies for the best interest of theirs. INDUS e CONNECT is playing a vital role of a media through which different organizations can reply upon for consultation and implementation of latest technologies for their needs like LAN/WAN Setup, Smart Card, Biometric Solutions or Interactive Voice Response Systems.

LAN/WAN Setup: We have team of networking expert who would male sure that your intranet is secure, efficient and cost       effictive to allow you to run your business tension free.
Smart Card Solution
Smart Card Solution: It's a smart solution for Employee Attendance Management to make your business smarter, reliable, easier    and secure. A highly affordable technology to make your organization an State-of-Art affair.
Bio Metric Solution
Bio Metric Solution: One of the latest technology that works on the concept of finger prints validation thus enhancing the securityof your organization. It can be used for Employee Attendance Management.
IVR System
IVR System: A solution to manage all call of your organization without any operator to let your reach organization State-   of-Art. Includes facilities like Caller Interactive Response, Call Forwarding, Answering Machine, Voice mail    box and many more.
IT  Consultancy
IT (Software/Hardware/Networking) Consultancy: If you are planning for major IT infrastructure setup/changes in your organization, we can help you to achieve your objective through our expert guidance.
GIS System
Indus Earth Technologies endeavors to maximize the efficiency of business by the use of GIS solutions in India and abroad for decision making and planning, by integrating information from different sources. It undergoes complex queries and analyzes geographically referred data to generate fresh information. This proves to be an extremely helpful, versatile and valuable concept that provides information from tracking vehicles to planning business-scopic regions and details of atmospheric conditions. This approach of integration of data from the actual world into simple spatial co-ordinate representation. GIS can answer the vital questions like pattern, condition, trends, modeling and location of any region under scan.
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